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dsc_9256_resize8 I first practice Yoga in 2003. I was suffering pain at the back of the neck, shoulders and back from muscle stresses, sometimes so severe that I could not turn my body left or right and a have a drop in one shoulder and a deep aching pain starting from the neck to the shoulders and arms and end at the waist, a classic symptom for a person sitting hours for hours day in day out in front of a computer. A visit to the doctor provides occasional relieve of pain and this routine went on for several years. A closed friend then suggested the way of Yoga.



 My yogi way was began with Hatha Yoga which I practiced by myself learning from Hatha Yoga guide book for about three years. Then while on my work assignment to China, I was most fortunate to receive instructions in Ashtanga Yoga from Mr. Bharath Basavaraju and Mr. Vijay Kumar, both of them from Mysore, India. The sessions were eyes opening to me into the world of yoga and sufficient for me to resign from work and traveled to India and studied yoga for about six months.

During stay in Mysore, I learned the many art of yoga such as yoga therapy and yogasana which dealt with on how to correct and balance in each asana, breathing control and correct use of muscle for each asana. My instructor was Mr. Vinay Kumar M.P. many winner of the Back Bending competitions in India and who had developed Pranavashya Yoga.


 After come back from Mysore, I started teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa and Pranavashya yoga in Bangkok . The classes are vary depending on the students present and ranges from gentle explorative movement to more dynamic style influenced vinyasa. Strong attention is given to movement, breath, alignment, visualization and intention. The practice is based on the physical condition of each practitioner with the close attention.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class; The classes will focus on the ujayi breathing, bandha and alignment for the beginner’s class and more focus on the adjustment and technique to get into each asana for Mysore class.



Pranavashya Yoga class; The Dynamic Yoga style, with the combination of 62 hatha asanas with the breathing control and vinyasa, the class will focus on;
**The relationship of breathing and movement.
**Increasing the strength, balance and flexibility of the muscle for the whole body, evenly along its front, back and   transverse line.
**Toning the balance of the mind and nervous system.
**It is suitable to every level of practitioner.


Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)

Certified Yoga Teacher from Mysore Mandala Yoga Shala;  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Style. The course focused on:

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yogasana
  • Pranayama & Mudra
  • Yoga Therapy in the ayurvedic style
  • Pratanjali Yogasutra
  • Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage
  • Meditation


Certified Yoga Teacher from Pranavashya Yoga; Dynamic Yoga Style. The combination of 62 yogasana, breathing control and vinyasa. The course focused on;

  • Yogasana ;  correct the yogasana and care for the beginner in the class
  • Yoga Anatomy; correct use of muscles for each asana
  • Yoga Therapy; how to use the yogasana to help people suffering from any injury. (taught by a medical doctor from the hospital)
  • Pranayama; basic breathing control.


Teaching Experience

Class in Beijing,n PRC : Yoga Instructor for Fine Yoga, Beijing, PRC.

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Backbending class
  • Jumping Backward and Forward for the TTC class


Class in Bangkok, Thailand

Sep. 07 –  Oct 07                    Basic yoga class for the Government Saving Bank’s employees Bangkok

Apr. 08 – Aug. 09                   Private Instructor (Yoga class at home)

Aug. 08 – Feb. 09                   Main Instructor at Aum Yoga Shala, Bangkok.

Mar. 09 – Aug. 09                  

Yoga Instructor at Pilates Studio, Bangkok.

Yoga  Instructor at Futaba Yoga Studio, Bangkok.

Yoga Instructor for the Bank Employee’s class, Kiet Nakin Bank, Bangkok.


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